Minor in Logic and Methodology

This minor is designed for students interested in the logical and methodological foundations of the mathematical and natural sciences, including those who would like some of the benefits of the BS in Philosophy with a Concentration in Logic, Representation and Reasoning without majoring in philosophy.

The Minor Adviser will determine whether courses transferred from other institutions qualify for the minor. No more than two transferred courses may count toward the minor.

This minor may not be combined with any BS in Philosophy. It may be combined with any BA in Philosophy providing no more than one course is “double counted” toward both the minor and the departmental requirements of the applicable BA in Philosophy.

When the minor is combined with any other major, no more than two courses may be “double-counted” toward both the minor and the departmental requirements of the major.


The minor requires five 3-credit courses, as follows:

(A) LOG 335 Symbolic Logic

(B) One LOG 4** course or PHI 331. The following are available:

(C) One of the following courses in philosophy of science:

(D) Two additional courses from the following:

A grade of C- or better is required in all courses counting toward the minor, with an overall average of 2.0.


  • As soon as you are ready to declare the minor, you should complete and sign the NC State “Declare a Minor” form (available here) and bring it to the department’s Student Services Associate, Ms. Joanna King, in Withers Hall, Room 340.
  • Ms. King will obtain the required departmental signatures and submit the form to Registration and Records on your behalf so that a minor degree audit can be added to your record.
  • You should consult with the Minor Adviser, Dr. Kevin Richardson, during each registration period to ensure that you are making headway toward completing the requirements of the minor.