Dr Shay Allen Logan

Picture of Dr Shay Allen Logan

Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar

Teaching and Research Interests

My teaching and research focus on topics in logic, philosophy of logic, philosophy of langauge, and philosophy of mathematics.



  I am currently involved in several projects that, broadly speaking, seek to answer these two questions:

  1. What is a logic?
  2. How many logics are there?

In the past I've done work formalizing category theory in higher order logics, defending category theory from several common attacks, and on the ontology of mathematics. 

Finally, I have several long-simmering projects on what is known as the philosohpy of mathematical practice. I am particularly interested in explaining what type of thing mathematics is about and in explaining how the things mathematicians do manage to help them understand the things mathematics is about.


  • PhD in Philosophy from University of Minnesota, 2015
  • MS in Mathematics from University of Minnesota, 2013
  • MA in Philosophy from University of Minnesota, 2013
  • BS in Mathematics from Gonzaga University, 2008
  • BA in Philosophy from Gonzaga University, 2008