Dr Shay Allen Logan

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Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar


I grew up in Western Montana. So I didn't have to parallel park until college, which was at Gonzaga University. My wife, who I met there, taught me how. Eventually we both went to graduate school at the University of Minnesota. Since then I've had jobs here at NCSU, at Smith College, and at the University of Connecticut. I still spend my summers in Minnesota, where the Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science kindly hosts me. 

Teaching and Research Interests

At heart, I'm a philosopher of mathematical practice. This means I explain why mathematics is done the way it's done. I do this in two ways. First, I describe the logical structure of mathematics. If that sounds cool, you can learn more about this in any of my LOG classes! Second, I describe the origin and structure of norms in mathematics. This involves me in work in cognitive linguistics and philosophy of language.



Most of my current work involves relevance logics. This lets me connect my past work in the foundations and philosophy of mathematics to my more recent work in nonclassical logic.

Unlike many relevance logicians, I'm not in it for the relevance. I'm in it for the semantics. So my work ends up motivated by metaphysical, linguistic, and epistemic concerns.

In a nutshell, here's how to get from semantics to relevance. First, connect conditionality to compatibility. Second, notice that compatibility is a ternary relation. Worlds are not compatible with one another on their own. They are compatible with one another relative to another world. Taking these things seriously gets you (I claim) to propositional RW. To get first-order semantics, use honest-to-god arbitrary elements to define truth for quantified sentences. This gets you to (essentially) Fine's stratified semantics.

I have three papers related to this work currently either under review or in revision. I am also coauthoring two related textbooks. The first, This is Philosophy of Logic, is under contract with Wiley. The second, Introduction to Relevance Logic, is under contract with Routledge. I am interested in collaborating on further projects in this vein. I would be particularly excited to work on a book on quantification in substructural logics. Drop me a line if that sounds like fun to you!



  • Books
    • 2019(?) Introduction to Relevance Logic. Routledge. (Under contract, joint with Stephen Read.)
    • 2018(?) This is Philosophy of Logic. Wiley-Blackwell. (Under contract, joint with Roy Cook.)
    • 2017 Logic: The Basics. Second Edition. Routledge. (Joint with Jc Beall.)
  • Refereed Journal Articles
    • 2017 ‘Category Theory for the Neologicist’. Philosophia Mathematica 25 (1): 26-44.
    • 2015 ‘Category Theory is a Contentful Theory’. Philosophia Mathematica 23 (1): 110-115.
    • 2015 ‘The Semantics of Social Constructivism’. Synthese 192 (8): 2577-2598.
    • 2015 ‘Abstractionist Categories of Categories’. The Review of Symbolic Logic 8 (4): 705-721.
  • Invited Publications
    • 2018 ‘The Standard Story and Its Rivals’ in An Introduction to the Philosophy of Logic, Daniel Cohnitz and Luis Estrada-Gonzalez (au), Cambridge University Press (under contract).
    • 2017 ‘Logic in the Late Twentieth Century’ in The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Tim Crane, (ed), Routledge, forthcoming.


  • PhD in Philosophy from University of Minnesota, 2015
  • MS in Mathematics from University of Minnesota, 2013
  • MA in Philosophy from University of Minnesota, 2013
  • BS in Mathematics from Gonzaga University, 2008
  • BA in Philosophy from Gonzaga University, 2008