Minor in Philosophy

The Minor in Philosophy combines well with any major. For the nature and benefits of philosophy, see Philosophy.

Students who take the Minor in Philosophy are required to complete 15 hours of courses in selected fields of philosophy with a grade of C- or better, including a course in the history of philosophy (3 credit hours), a course in normative (ethics and ethics-related) philosophy (3 credit hours), a course in other fields of philosophy (3 credit hours) and two elective courses in philosophy or logic (6 credit hours).

The Minor Adviser will determine whether courses transferred from other institutions qualify for the minor. No more than two transferred courses may count toward the minor. Note also that no more than two courses may be "double-counted" toward both the minor and the departmental requirements of a major.

Courses for the Minor

One 3-credit course in the history of philosophy from the following:

PHI 300 Ancient Philosophy
PHI 301 Early Modern Philosophy
PHI 302 19th Century Philosophy
PHI 401 Kant's Critique of Pure Reason

One 3-credit course in normative philosophy from the following:

PHI 214 Issues in Business Ethics
PHI 221 Contemporary Moral Issues
PHI 309 Political Philosophy
PHI 312 Philosophy of Law
PHI 313 Ethical Problems in the Law
PHI 319 Africana Political Philosophy
PHI 325 Bio-Medical Ethics
PHI 375 Ethics
PHI 376 History of Ethics
PHI 420 Global Justice
PHI 475 Ethical Theory

One 3-credit course in other fields of philosophy selected from the following (but note that PHI 205 and PHI 210 may not both be used toward the minor):

PHI 205 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 210 Representation, Reason and Reality
PHI 250 Thinking Logically
PHI 305 Philosophy of Religion
PHI 310 Existentialism
PHI 320 Philosophy of Race
PHI 330 Metaphysics
PHI 331 Philosophy of Language
PHI 332 Philosophy of Psychology
PHI 333 Knowledge and Skepticism
PHI 340 Philosophy of Science
PHI 347 Neuroscience and Philosophy
PHI 425 Introduction to Cognitive Science
PHI 440 The Scientific Method
PHI 447 Philosophy, Evolution and Human Nature

Two 3-credit elective courses: Any two PHI or LOG courses at 200 level or above (6 credit hours)


  • As soon as you are ready to declare the minor, you should complete and sign the NC State “Declare a Minor” form (available here) and bring it to the department’s Student Services Associate, Ms. Joanna King, in Withers Hall, Room 340.
  • Ms. King will obtain the required departmental signatures and submit the form to Registration and Records on your behalf so that a minor degree audit can be added to your record.
  • You should consult with the Minor Adviser, Dr. John Carroll, during each registration period to ensure that you are making headway toward completing the requirements of the minor.