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Students stroll through Wolf Plaza on a warm fall afternoon.

Expand Your Horizons

Through our teaching, research, and scholarship, we advance knowledge and understanding in philosophy, religious studies, and related fields.

At a Glance

Our programs develop critical, creative, and independent thinking skills that lead to excellence in graduate studies, professional training, and many careers.

In Philosophy, our students confront a wide range of issues through historical and contemporary resources. Topics covered include the nature of knowledge and reality, the relationship between the mind and brain, the possibility of free will, the ethical implications of scientific advances, and the justification of moral, political, and legal institutions.

In Religious Studies, our students investigate all aspects of religion and its impact on human affairs; and they examine various interpretations of religion, including religion as a social construction, as a psychological phenomenon, as a form of metaphysics, and as a constellation of ritual practices.

Our talented faculty are committed to scholarship, teaching, and enhancing opportunities for students.

Our Academic Offerings



Graduate Studies

While NC State doesn’t offer graduate degrees in philosophy or religious studies, we do provide several opportunities for advanced study. These include our graduate minor in cognitive science and several graduate courses in logic, philosophy, and religious studies that pair well with many degree programs.

Students present their work in a visualization studio