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Minor in Ethics

The study of ethics can benefit students in any major, as ethical issues arise in every field, industry and organization.

Minor Overview

The minor requires a solid core of philosophy courses on ethics, but also allows students to take one course from a list of relevant courses in other disciplines, including anthropology, genetics, history, microbiology, political science, sociology, and science, technology and society.

The minor is highly desirable because it demonstrates interest in and knowledge of ethics to employers, graduate schools and professional schools.


Students must complete 15 credit hours of courses with a grade of C- or better.

Two of the three following core courses (6 credit hours):

  • PHI 375: Ethics
  • PHI 376: History of Ethics
  • PHI 475: Ethical Theory

Two additional courses (6 credit hours) from the following list:

  • PHI 214: Issues in Business Ethics
  • PHI 221: Contemporary Moral Issues
  • PHI 309: Political Philosophy
  • PHI 313: Ethical Problems in the Law
  • PHI/STS 325: Bio-Medical Ethics
  • PHI 375: Ethics
  • PHI 376: History of Ethics
  • PHI 420: Global Justice
  • PHI 475: Ethical Theory
  • REL 473: Religion, Gender and Reproductive Technologies

One additional course (3 credit hours) from the following or from the electives above:

  • ANT: 420 Biological Bases for Human Social Behavior
  • ENG/WGS 327: Language and Gender
  • GN 301: Genetics in Human Affairs
  • HI/AFS: 455 History of the Civil Rights Movement
  • MB 200: Microbiology and World Affairs
  • PHI 310: Existentialism
  • PHI 312: Philosophy of Law
  • PHI 320: Philosophy of Race
  • PHI 347: Neuroscience and Philosophy
  • PS 204: Problems of American Democracy
  • PS 205: Law and Justice
  • PS/WGS 306: Gender and Politics in the United States
  • PS 309: Equality and Justice in United States Law
  • PS 361: Introduction to Political Theory
  • PS/AFS 409: Black Political Participation in America
  • PS/WGS 418: Gender, Law, and Policies
  • PS 462: Seminar in Political Theory
  • SOC/WGS 304: Women and Men in Society
  • SOC/AFS 305: Racial and Ethnic Relations
  • SOC/WGS 407: Sociology of Sexuality
  • SOC 428: Formal Institutions of Social Control
  • STS 304: Ethical Dimensions of Progress


Students can apply for admission to any university minor program in MyPack Portal. Admission will be based on the student’s academic record, and in most cases no longer requires departmental review.