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Public universities depend increasingly on donor funds to maintain and enhance the quality of education, the student experience, research, and services to the community. These gains also benefit students and alumni by helping to secure the standing of their degrees. The department always welcomes gifts, large or small, in support of its work. Donations are tax-deductible. Please direct your gift to the department’s Student Awards Fund or its Development Fund. If you would like to discuss the possibility of a larger gift, a deferred gift, or a named endowment to support something close to your heart, please contact Michael Pendlebury at or 919.515.6103.

Philosophy and Religious Studies Student Awards Endowment

The Philosophy and Religious Studies Student Awards Fund was launched in March 2011 and has been generously supported by a wide range of donors since then. In July 2015, as a result of a generous gift from the Bryan family in honor of Professor Robert S. Bryan, head of the department from 1966 to 1989, we achieved our initial target of $25,000. This made it possible to convert the fund into an income-earning endowment that will provide permanent support for student awards in Philosophy and Religious Studies, including the Philosophy Prize in Honor of Professor Robert S. Bryan and the Religious Studies Prize in Honor of Professor W. Curtis Fitzgerald.

Please help us raise the fund to a higher level.

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Philosophy and Religious Studies Development Fund

The Philosophy and Religious Studies Development Fund accepts donations that support all the department's operations and activities according to need. At present, the fund is used mainly to support our visiting speaker programs.

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Making a Gift

By Credit Card: The following secure online forms can be used for one-time gifts, recurring gifts over a defined period of time (e.g., $10 per month for five years), and sustaining gifts, which continue indefinitely (e.g., $25 per quarter). To make a recurring gift, select “I would like to make Scheduled Payments”; and to make a sustaining gift, select “I would like to make this a Sustaining Gift.“

By Check: Please make your check payable to the NC State Foundation Inc., specifying one of the above funds on the memo line, and mail your check to:

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Alumni Annual Giving: Alumni who contribute to NC State University through Alumni Annual Giving may ask to have their gifts assigned to one of the above funds (or any other fund in which they have a special interest).

NC State Employees can make recurring or sustaining donations by payroll deduction. To do this, please complete the required payroll deduction form. For further information, contact Michael Pendlebury at or (919) 515-6103.

Larger Gifts, Deferred Gifts, and Named Endowments: Please contact Michael Pendlebury at or (919) 515-6103.


The department is grateful to the following donors for gifts made since 2010. Unless otherwise indicated, gifts were made to the Philosophy and Religious Studies Student Awards Fund. In the case of donors who have made recurring gifts, sustaining gifts, or two or more single gifts for the same purpose, entries are based on their cumulative donations to date.

$5,000 and above
The Bryan Family in honor of Professor Robert S. Bryan, head of the department, 1966-1989
The Hambourger Family in memory of Professor Robert M. Hambourger (1944–2009), member of the philosophy faculty, 1982-2009

David F. Austin (Sustaining Donor)
Ron and Denise Hamner
Milton E. and Katherine S. Jordan

George Bailey and Catherine Walker (to the Development Fund)
Curtis Fitzgerald and Carolyn Billings
Jeffrey and Julie Bryan
Gary L. and Karen Comstock (Sustaining Donors)
Faculty and Staff in Philosophy and Religious Studies in memory of Professor Robert S. Bryan
Charles (“Gary”) Helms
Robert and Durema Kohl
Durema Fitzgerald Kohl in honor of W. Curtis Fitzgerald 
Durema Fitzgerald Kohl in memory of W. Curtis Fitzgerald
Jason Suttles (to the Development Fund)
Two anonymous donors (including one to the Research Fund)

Dennis Earl
Matt Hettche
Joseph Levine and Louise Antony
W. Lawrence and Hilda Highfill (to the Development Fund)
Stephen Hume
Wayne Mastin
George McDaniel
James Moorhead
Robert Bruce Mullin in honor of Robert S. Bryan and W. Curtis Fitzgerald
Courtney L. Smith
Courtney L. Smith (to the Development Fund)
Staff of Enterprise Application Services, NC State University Office of Information Technology, in memory of Professor Robert S. Bryan
Tony K. Stewart
James Vanderkam
Jennifer M. Young (Sustaining Donor)

Up to $199
William Adler
Wesley J. Ardoin
David D. Auerbach
Anna B. Bigelow
Jason C. Bivins
Mrs. Henry Bowers in memory of Professor Robert S. Bryan
Jennifer and Bob Bryan, Jr.
William H. Coe
Allen T. Coin
Katherine E. Cosby (to the Development Fund)
Mary Kathleen Cunningham
Michael C. Dawson and Kenneth E. Peters in honor of Ann P. Rives
Veljko Dubljevic
Dennis Earl (to the Development Fund)
Bryan Fegley (to the Development Fund)
The Family of Curtis Fitzgerald in his honor 
Johannes Hafner
Karey A. Harwood
W. Lawrence Highfill
Barbara B. Levenbook
Robert A. Mabrito
David W. Meeler (to the Development Fund) in memory of Professor William R. Carter
Robert Bruce Mullin in memory of Robert M. Hambourger
Dr. Henry L. W. Nuttle in memory of Professor Robert S. Bryan
Christine M. Pierce
Isaac Pomper
Timothy M. Prudhomme (to the Development Fund) 
Shane M. Roberts
Melissa Schumacher 
Winnie Bolton Stephens, in memory of Professor Robert S. Bryan
Karenann and Mark Volinski in memory of Professor Robert S. Bryan
Three anonymous donors