Graduate Studies

What We Offer

NC State does not offer graduate degrees in Philosophy or Religious Studies, but the Department provides several opportunities for graduate students:

  • It administers the Graduate Minor in Cognitive Science.
  • It offers a variety of graduate courses in Logic, Philosophy, and Religious Studies that add value to many NC State graduate degree programs and will enrich your experience as a graduate student.
  • It assists students taking the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) with the design of concentrations that are related to Philosophy and/or Religious Studies.
  • It offers a MALS Seminar every fall semester.

Graduate Courses


LOG 535 Advanced Logic and Metamathematics (Spring 2017: Dr. Shay Logan, MW 1:30–2:45 p.m.)
LOG 537 Model Theoretic Semantics

PHI 501 Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason
PHI 520 Global Justice (Spring 2017: Dr. Michael Pendlebury, TH 1:30–2:45 p.m.)
PHI 525 Introduction to Cognitive Science (Spring 2017: Dr. Ronald P. Endicott, TH 11:45 a.m.–1:00 p.m.)
PHI 540 The Scientific Method
PHI 547 Philosophy, Evolution and Human Nature
PHI 575 Ethical Theory (Spring 2017: Dr. Robert A. Mabrito, MW 10:15–11:30 a.m.)
PHI 598 Special Topics in Philosophy
PHI 816 Introduction to Research Ethics (1 credit) (Spring 2017: Dr. William A. Bauer, Mon 4:30–6:20 p.m., first half of semester)

Religious Studies
REL 507 Islamic History to 1798
REL 508 Islam in the Modern World
REL 523 Religion and Politics in America (Spring 2017: Dr. Jason C. Bivins, TH 11:45 a.m.–1:00 p.m.)
REL 571 Darwinism and Christianity
REL 572 Women and Religion (Spring 2017: Dr. Mary Kathleen Cunningham, MW 1:30–2:45 p.m.)
REL 573 Religion, Gender, and Reproductive Technologies
REL 582 Religion and Conflict

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies
MLS 501 Seminar in Liberal Studies (Fall 2016: Religion, Disaster, and Development - Levi McLaughlin)