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photo shows the front seat and dashboard of a car, with no driver at the wheel. Lights passing in the windows suggest the car is moving at a high speed.

Dec 1, 2023

To Help Autonomous Vehicles Make Moral Decisions, Researchers Ditch the ‘Trolley Problem’

The goal of the new research is to help autonomous vehicles make “good” decisions. Corresponding author and associate professor in the Science, Technology and Society program Veljko Dubljević helps explain. 

a glowing brain hovers in front of a metallic backdrop

Apr 28, 2023

The Future Is Now: Wrestling with Ethics, Policy and Brain-Computer Interfaces

Associate professor of philosophy and science, technology and society Veljko Dubljevic answers questions about a book he co-edited about devices that allow computers to interface with the human brain. As these technologies become more widespread, so do questions related to ethics and policy. 

NC State Belltower

Jan 31, 2022

2021-22 University Faculty Scholars Named

Philosophy and STS professor Veljko Dubljević is being recognized for his outstanding academic achievements and contributions to NC State through his teaching, scholarship and service. 

Headshot of Sophie

Jan 6, 2022

Philosophy Student Helps Develop Critical Thinking Course

Meet Sophie Korenek, a junior majoring in philosophy and biochemistry. She’s also a Jefferson Scholar, a dual-degree program of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  

A picture of a mask

Sep 27, 2021

Vaccine Q&A: Do I Have a Moral Obligation to Wear a Mask or Get Vaccinated?

What are our moral obligations in the face of COVID-19? Karey Harwood, a bioethicist and associate professor of religious studies at NC State, weighs in. 

strolling professor statue dons a protective mask

Apr 14, 2021

How We’re Studying COVID-19

Hear more about professor Levi McLaughlin's research into the pandemic's impact on religious communities.