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Feb 9, 2016

New Book Explores Political Philosopher’s Original Position

What basic rules would you choose to form a society, if you were completely ignorant of your religion, race or socioeconomic status in that society? That question forms the basis of the original position, a thought experiment introduced by one of the most influential political philosophers of the 20th century, John Rawls. In a new book edited by NC State philosophy professor Timothy Hinton, he and a dozen other scholars offer a range of perspectives on Rawls’ influential theory. 

May 6, 2015

Spirits Rejoice! A Musician and Scholar Talks About Jazz, Religion, and American Culture

Jason Bivins’s background makes him particularly well-suited to explore both jazz and religion. Bivins is a professor of religious studies at NC State, specializing in the nexus of religion and U.S. politics. He’s also a jazz musician, recording improvisational albums with bands such as the Unstable Ensemble, the Micro-East Collective and the Impermanence Trio. In his book, Spirits Rejoice! Jazz and American Religion, Bivins explores a variety of issues, from how jazz musicians have drawn on specific religious traditions to inform their music to musicians who view performance as a ritual. 

Dec 16, 2014

Religion and Politics in Japan: A Conversation With Religion Scholar Levi McLaughlin

In the wake of Japan's recent national elections, we talk to scholar Levi McLaughlin about the role of religion in Japanese politics (and why no one talks about it).