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Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies 
North Carolina State University 
Campus Box 8103 
Raleigh, NC 27695-8103

Main Office: Withers Hall 340 
Phone: 919-515-3214
Fax: 919-513-4351

Department Administration

Department Head

Dr. Michael Pendlebury
Withers 340C, 919-515-6103,

Associate Department Head
Dr. David Austin
Withers 340B, 919-515-6333,

Director of Religious Studies
Dr. Jason C. Bivins
Withers 447, 919-515-6102,

Business Services Coordinator 
Ms. Stephanie Jacobs
Withers 340A, 919-515-6101,

Student Services Associate 
Position vacant. Please send inquiries to

Director of Undergraduate Advising 
Dr. Catherine Driscoll
Withers 434B, 919-513-7846,

Senior Advisors
 Dr. Robert Mabrito
Withers 434-C, 919-513-7978,
Religious Studies: Dr. Jason Bivins
Withers 447, 919-515-6102,

Undergraduate Minor Advisors
Cognitive Science: Dr. Catherine M. Driscoll
Withers 434B, 919-513-7846,
Ethics: Dr. Tim Hinton
Withers 456, 919-513-7941,
Health, Medicine & Human Values: Dr. Gary Comstock
Withers 458, 919-515-6173,
Logic & Methodology: Dr. Ben Middleton
Withers 343, 919-515-6331,
Philosophy: Dr. John Carroll
Withers 457, 919-515-6140,
Religious Studies: Dr. Jason C. Bivins
Withers 447, 919-515-6102,

Director of the Cognitive Science Program and Advisor, Graduate Minor in Cognitive Science
Dr. Ronald P. Endicott
Withers 455, 919-515-6195,

Honors Directors
Philosophy: Dr. John W. Carroll
Withers 457, 919-515-6140,
Religious Studies: Dr. Mary Kathleen Cunningham
Withers 347, 919-515-6105,

Philosophy Club Advisor: Dr. Stephen Puryear
Withers 345, 919-515-6106,

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